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This is a list of our classes and other small rules that we have.

A racer will be able to compete in ONLY two Vintage Classes per event. 

We run our races in the morning program of a split program schedule and in the first half of a straight program schedule

**A racer MUST have a NUMBER on all three sides of their bike.  If you do not and get scored incorrectly there will be no changes made**  

**The rules in fuchsia will go in effect for the 2018 MX season

Iron Man:

1976 and Older Motorcycle

**Must use the 1976 frame and the stock length suspension travel

*This will be a one year probation rule change


1983 and Older Air Cooled and Drum Brake Motorcycle

-Any Year Production Built Air Cooled Four Stroke AND Drum Brake


1991 and Older Motorcycle

*This will be a one year probation rule change

     *Any Year Production Built Air Cooled Four Stroke

           *IE: 1996 XR 400, 2001 TTR 250, etc.



1999 and Older Motorcycle

*-Here are the newest bike limits for the Transition Class

-1999 CR's (01 CR 500)

-2001 YZ's

-2002 KX's (04 KX 500)

-2000 Rm's

-1999 KTM's

-1999 Husky's

-2002 TM's


1999 and Older Motorcycle

12-15 Years of Age

125cc and Under

*Bike can be an 80cc but MUST have the larger wheels


Year End Awards

To be eligible for a year end award a rider must attend a minimum of five races

Year end awards will be given to the top ten in all regular classes

*Year end awards for the separated out 125cc award winners will be given out to the top three only

Each racer will keep their best eleven of thirteen finishes or "throw away" his/her worst two finishes

        *If a racer only competes in five to eleven races, then all of their finishes will count towards their year end finish  

        *If a racer competes in twelve races then they would throw away their worst finish and the one they did not attend

Our points table is the same as what District 14 uses:

1-15 Racers                 16+ Racers


1-22                            1-30

2-19                            2-25

3-16                            3-21

4-14                            4-18

5-12                            5-16

6-10                            6-15

7-9                              7-14

8-8                              8-13

-1 point for each position